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Kelly Day
Impressive job. Very nice design, nice person to deal with. I will do business again with him.


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Tara Lee
From concept to execution this firm has exceeded all my expectations, both in design and quality. They will provide ongoing technical support, friendly communication, and deliver a professional systematic solution for all your needs. Thanks again Marius! 10+++ HRAJ
Andrea Hunter
Excellent Service – FAST & VERY DEPENDABLE!!! We will contract your services again Marius! Thank you.
Sidney Palmer
Will definitely do business again!
Leticia Gibson
I love this company – I worked by now with Marius – Daniel – Nicusor – Cristi – Ionut – Claudiu – all of them highly professional and real helpful in every aspect of our collaboration – thanks again – will work with IMS Team again anytime.
Sonja Marillo
I admit that all I read about Marius first I didn’t believe it – now I believe every word – his team is the best – now I will always use his services. The best money can buy. Gracias amigos.
Jay Wagner
The logo for my website simply tells the story; it integrates perfectly in the perspective of the website.
Mario Snyder
Great design – clear and to the point – fast and reliable service
Mona Hanson – USA – NY
I am very happy with their work – I recommend them highly. A+++
Jane Cross
Job completed on time and above expectations. I highly recommend Marius and his team.
Tiffany Amber – USA – NY
Excellent Service – he knew exactly what needed to be done. Said he would do it in 10 minutes – and literally did! Have no hesitations at all in recommending to anyone – just believe what he says and he will do it. All for a fantastic price too. Great value for money, and will definitely be using again!
Richard Fuzzy Threads, LLC
This was one of the BEST hires I have ever done. Very professional, quick, and did everything I asked with a smile. I defiant recommend to EVERYONE!
Milorad Eireen
Your team done it in 2 h I didn’t expect so soon. Great job.
Wilbert Ramos
A professional work, a nice person. Marius gave you demo even before deal closed, he began the work immediately and completed quickly. Will use again.
Faye Rice
Marius and Costin were extremely professional in every aspect of this project. The price was also very good especially for the high quality of work which was produced. I would recommend them to anyone.
Winston Cheng – USA – IL
Very nice and fast work, very professional. Five start job. I will work with Marius in the future for sure.
Mesan Alex
A very professional company, very well organised. It was a pleasure to work with them and I honestly recommend them.
Paul Nash
Excellent work. AHS finished the job in a VERY short amount of time, just like he said he would. I will definitely use him again for another project I have coming up.
Homer Cox
The end product’s originality and added features far surpassed those of the initial concept. Marius and his crew were extremely patient and communicative throughout the process. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Parks
This freelancer provided quality work, and was very helpful as this was my first time using the freelance service. I would recommend him to others for his services.
Thomas Lopez
Whoever doesn’t give AHS a 10/10 is crazy! Marius and his dedicated staff, took my project very seriously and worked through the night to complete my project in only one day. His code was perfect and *exactly* what I wanted. I am a web designer and I couldn’t not have done better work, He has Constant communication, great quality, great price. HIRE THIS GUY NOW! e-mail me if you want further info
Carmen Little
I’m very pleased again with his work, as I expected. Like last time, Marius worked very fast. A+++
Mattin Kierra
05-08-2013 Comments: If you want some work doing and want a smooth job that is carried out by what I consider a very professional company, then use these people. I had alterations being made to a live site and was impressed by the communication that I received as the project progressed. They are skilled at what they do and I shall use again without doubt.
Sylvia Thornton – USA – FL
Did the job under pressure. Very easy to work with and went the extra mile to ensure the project was done as I specified. Would recommend to anyone to use.
Jeffery Marshall
Menu installed in 30 min – great work thanks a lot Marius. I love how easy you made it happen and also I like that you asked me to choose the one I like. Thanks again.
Ramonna Doris
Our web host was reorganizing and we needed to find a new home for our site quickly. Bruno Host was helpful, informative, and efficient, offering a great service at an affordable price… with a big dose of good old-fashioned courtesy thrown in for good measure. It’s nice to be able to deal with a business that still has real people in charge! We’re very happy with our site’s new home.
Sheldon Waters
excellent coder- the best in GAF perhaps!
Stanley Lamb
AHS worked on a big project for me and exceeded my highest expectations. Very professional, patient and definitely excellent customer service. I can’t thank him enough. I’d say I’m 1000% satisfied with my completed project. Thanks!!
Steve Jimenez
Tricky start to project but an excellent result. Would definitely use again.
Ann Jennings
Marius is very fast and a professional computer expert. Marius and his people did an extremely efficient job!!! I am 100% satisfied with the work. I will be contacting you for more future projects, you can count on it.
Hattie Shaw
When you have the service done in the same day – and the revisions in minutes it means that all the money are well spent and that finally the I have found a team to use for all my needs. Thanks a lot – I’ll send you more work even tomorrow. Gracias.
Myrna Nickelsen SolidLine Products Ltd
If you must outsource your web software development, this is the team to hire. We had a very fruitful collaboration and we are very happy with the results. I warmly recommend Angel HS for everybody.
Charles Wilson
Extremely professional person and business. I highly recommend him… Don’t go anywhere else.
RLIndustries (London, UK)
We found the staff to be very responsive and very keen to help, fix issues and work with us to resolve problems. Overall we would recommend working with them.
Amanda Reuss
I selected Bruno Hosting because they met all the important parameters – same time zone for service issues, higher email size limits, and other parameters. From the very start including the intiial inquiry, Bruno team followed up timely and gave great information beyond direct answers. Since then, they have provided superior technical assistance. Everyone says they do, but Bruno Host really does — even on weekends.
Roberta Tyler
Marius said it will take him 5 min – he got my data and started in the same minute – he finished in 5 min – awesome – I can’t believe it, I tried this myself but Marius is really a guru in this – I’m so anxious to see how the other projects that I assigned to his team will come up but if they are same as Marius when it comes to delivery on time – they really deserve every penny as they say! Great work – thanks a lot Marius – I will send you more projects soon.
Kimberly Chapman
project completed, on time, with regular reports and email notification, very accessible, friendly and patient. I would highly recommend them and I will use this company again. thank you.
Victor Albert – USA – TX
AHS – excellent provider. Knows how to produce the trickiest script required getting the job done. Even when we ask more than agreed he is very cooperative and very friendly with us – said all the way by our side and informed us about the progresses his team did – very nice person to work with – will definitely recommend and work with again soon.
Eric Wingers – Germany – Karst
This team is expert in CRE and Mambo in the same time – I can’t wait to see what they can do more for me. Thanks again AHS – looking forward tomorrow for the logo.
Stephanie Harrington
Top quality provider, he delivered his work with seriousness in manner time. I would surely work with him again.
Bryan Guzman
The most efficient and professional designer I have ever worked with. With just a few words, he understands what is required and executes projects with perfection, creativity and speed. Accommodates even the tightest of budgets and works overtime to secure 100% satisfaction. Keep it up! I will be sure to select Marius & AHS for all future projects.
Vilma Lawan
Great design I love it, for the next projects I will chose you because your team is the best.
Edith Knight
Out of 10 I give Marius an 11+ , Once again, Marius has given our company the same TOP RATED service. Marius worked very fast, had high quality, very polite and good communication.Even when we were happy with the project, he still worked on other revisions, just so that would be happier! I can reach him practically anytime on live communication.. everything that makes a for a PERFECT designer and programmer. Select Marius for Your design project and You’ll be absolutely satisfied. You can get in touch with me if you want further references on this company.
Todd Alvarez
These guys are unbelievable, in a fantastic way! They truly are masters of OSC, not only are they fast but they know what they are doing. They have created for me completely custom solutions for OSC and we great. So confident that i am sending them all my work from now on. I highly recommend these guys, they are professional, responsible, and frankly they are a bunch of geniuses.
Lena Owens
excellent service as always, if you pick AHS u can not go wrong! he continues to amaze me by how fast and efficient he is fixing all my problems!!! pick him now!!
Sylvia Thornton – USA – FL
Very impressed and a pleasure to do business with. Marius and AHS are a top quality team. Very good email responses, fast, efficient, friendly and courteous – exceeds expectations. Will definitely use again.
Alice Mitchell
Bit of a slow start, but things soon got speedier but most importantly they got the job done and I am happy with it. I worked with Costin who is a great person, able to communicate well and knows his stuff. Will use them again.
Tim Giberson
Worked on website in a thoughtful way, meeting deadlines and with expected results. Looking forward to continued relationship.
Gregory Hines
A professional work, a nice person. Marius began the work immediately and completed quickly. I advise everyone to choose him because the work will be done in short time. Just excellent.
Belinda Nelson
Absolutely the BEST!
Tiffany Amber – USA – NY
They care about their clients.
Annette Rose
Great work – great people – thanks.
Tiffany Amber – USA – NY
The rating they have and the reviews that people say about them is 100% accurate – top designers – top service – all that it is with AHS – thanks Marius.
Bic Hauser Skillview Sports
I’m very pleased with your response and timely execution of requests. The ideas and logical solutions you offer to me in addition to my initial requirements has been the key to this great partnership. You grasp very quickly my needs and goals even when I don’t seem to articulate them in a concise manner… and then you augment my ideas with multiple solutions. It’s terrific. You guys are great!
Mona Hanson – USA – NY
Excellent provider, super-fast and professional. Took my idea and made it into a finished product. Great follow-up and worth working with. I’m sure we shall do something again in the future. Mona Hanson – USA – NY
Mona Hanson – USA – NY
I am so happy I found this company – they are extremely professional and will definitely work with you. Very, very accessible – I will use them for other projects.
Canadian Real Estate
Marius and his team was able to turn around my project in a very short time. Would always recommend to anyone.
Damon Schultz
Process went smoothly, there were some snags, but were neither his or my fault. Even with these snags, they went above and beyond to help me get everything situated. Communicated very fast. Any other projects I have I will come back to them. Thanks!
Kelly Doger
WOW! You really do have phenomenal service! You continue to amaze me! So many times I am VERY disappointed with customer service, but you and Bruno Host are the exception. Thank-You, and keep up the great work!
Ximena Vardis
Thank you for your affordable web hosting services and quality. I have been very pleased and look forward to doing business with you for a long time to come.
Becky Beck
Really good – creative with both scripting and visual presentation of work. Coding also seems very clean. Marius and his team have done a very good job and take pride in their work. They weren’t the cheapest but it was certainly worth spending the little extra for the work and quality of it that was done.
Ramon Warner
A very skilled person, well organized and result oriented individual. He work so fast…quick and adaptable to diverse style requirements. A+++.Thank you.
Leah Massey
I got exactly what I asked for and it was completed promptly and within budget. The service was good and the results were the most satisfactory and I hope to use them again in the future.
Mona Robinson
Great work – is solid in work method and communication. Trustworthy. Professional company.
Jeanette Moss
Marius and his team are first class. Their quality of work is excellent, they work fast and deliver the goods and are always polite and eager to please and very professional.
Roberta Hill
A real pleasure to work with. I recommend AHS to any Buyer Provider. Very responsive. Very professional. Thank you.
Corina Hazel
Thanks for your time, and I do want you guys to know, that of the several sites I have managed for people, yours is by far the least hassle company yet. I spend so much time having to trouble shoot and wonder why the site is down for heavenly hosting (as an example) that I can hardly enjoy it being up. However, with you guys, its been pretty much no chore at all, and I have been able to seamlessly enjoy the site even as you do upgrades. Anyway, thanks for your time!
Kathy Bowers
In minutes they say – in minutes they did it. Thank you and good luck – you are the best.
Claire Moody
Excellent service – excellent communication – all the best from these “guru” .Thanks.
Eric Wingers – Germany – Karst
Excellent ! One of the few REAL programmer in this site!
Clara Davis
Great work – I paid for one I got two and even learned something in the process. Thanks Marius & AHS.
Andre Sandoval
Thank you for your help. Very fast and more than I expected. When I have a new project I will first ask them.
Gilberto May
Incredibly fast and professional computer expert. Marius, thanks again for an extremely efficient job well done!!! I will be contacting you for more future projects, you can count on it. A+++
Star Marketing LLC – Roxana Meyer
I have been working on my web building skills for the better part of 10 years and have utilized a lot of web hosting companies. I have never been as impressed and excited as I was with both the incredibly good deal Bruno-host gave me but the affordable hosting service is top shelf all the way. Quick friendly responses to any questions I have. I now host 4 sites with them. It literally blew me away the night I purchased my first one. It was 6:30 am when I submitted payment and was setup instantly! The control panel makes it incredibly easy to get yourself up and running. Extremely affordable, incredible service and reliability, I’ll never need to look elsewhere. These guys mean business.
Antonio Buchanan
Very good communication. Excellent results, worked with me until I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend this group. Thank you!
Tiffany Amber – USA – NY
Work done very quickly. Very patient, understanding and responsive. Thanks !
Crystal Newman
Good designer, Don’t hesitate to work with Marius. I recommend him.
Abel Hansen
Quick response, ended not having to do what we needed but a good person to talk to and for handling this type of situation.
Marius Ion ANGEL HOT SOFT LLC (800) 316-7677